Nautilus Gentoo with .xcf thumbnails

Recently I was curious about making nautilus show thumbnails for .xcf files. After a bit of googling I came across the “ubuntu way“. Using this, I went and downloaded the .deb for the gnome-xcf-thumbnailer package in ubuntu. You can easily find it by searching for gnome-xcf-thumbnailer. Once you’ve got the deb file, just extract it so you can access the data.tar.gz file inside of the deb file. Once this is done, all you need to do is extract the data.tar.gz to a temporary folder, then perform the following commands as root:

NOTE: I extracted the data.tar.gz to the Downloads folder in my home folder, so you will have to change the paths to reflect where you extract the files to.

eric-lenovo ~ # cp /home/eric/Downloads/usr/bin/gnome-xcf-thumbnailer /usr/local/bin/
eric-lenovo ~ # GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE="$(gconftool-2 --get-default-source)" gconftool-2 --makefile-install-rule /home/eric/Downloads/usr/share/gconf/schemas/gnome-xcf-thumbnailer.schemas
eric-lenovo ~ # wget -q -O /usr/share/thumbnailers/xcf.thumbnailer

Once these commands are run, nautilus should then be able to create thumbnails for files with the xcf extension.

My Car… poor car

Short post.. but I manage to roll my car Jan 27th of this year. I’m fine, walked away without injury (somehow). I’ve attached some pictures of my car now.. its done for, so I’m out of a car, but I’m just glad things didn’t turn out differently for me.


So I know its been a while since I’ve said anything or worked on anything related to SimpleIRC, but I think its time. I’ve been wanting to dig back into Python again and learn more, so what better way to pick up Python3 by writing my old IRC bot code back up again. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress and get it going again… miniE will live again! If you want to help or keep track of my progress, go on over to my SimpleIRC github page and have a look. Keep checking back for updates, hopefully I’ll have a running bot again soon.

Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3Yep, its been a while since I’ve written anything… but I decided to start off again and make my first post about games. Recently I purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 because I’m a huge fan of the Call of Duty series. I owned the first and second Call of Duty games on the PC. Once I got my xbox 360, one of the first games I purchased was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Of course, once I heard news of Modern Warfare 2, I had to have it! The differences between Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 weren’t substantial, but there was enough there to entice me and I enjoyed the game thoroughly. Infinity Ward had done a great job up to this point with the series. It was an incredible experience and the multiplayer was always fun to play. Then came Call of Duty: Black Ops … this time Activision used Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward to make the game.

Being a huge fan of the series, I decided I had to have Black Ops as part of my collection. I went to the midnight release and got the game after a huge build up from Modern Warfare 2. I admit, I enjoyed the Black Ops campaign and the multiplayer at first. They introduced some cool new features like diving, tomahawks, ballistic knives, etc. The leveling system of multiplayer was a change from the Modern Warfare 2 system, so it kept things enjoy able. At first I was in love, I played the game as much as I could. As they released patches, the little things that annoyed me, started to annoy me more and more. First off, Treyarch tried to fix the spawn trapping, which they did… but it created more problems than it fixed. Now instead of spawning where you had no exit… you could potentially spawn in the middle of the enemy. Take two steps and boom, you’re dead. My favorite is when I would spawn and immediately die from a grenade launcher that was obviously already in flight before I spawned. So, after playing long enough, I decided that Black Ops was not better than Modern Warfare 2 when it came to gameplay, however the advancements in other areas made it better as a whole. Still, the problems I found with the game made me quit playing it completely.

Now, just recently, Activision has come out with Modern Warfare 3. They brought back Infinity Ward to produce the game. While I haven’t played very much at all yet, I have to say, I am not impressed in the least. So far Modern Warfare 3 seems like the same game as Modern Warfare 2 with different maps. Therefore it seems like a regression from Black Ops to me. The graphics are back to the Modern Warfare 2 graphics with minor improvements, they did not carry over diving from Black Ops either. The UI (User Interface) looks nearly identical to Modern Warfare 2 with some color changes. The spawning seems to be greatly improved from both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, which is a plus for me. I really want to give this game a good chance to be fair, but I cannot stand the fact that they didn’t feel the need to improve on their previous engine at all. I almost feel cheated by Activision and a series that I have loved since the beginning.

To sum it up, I’m not convinced that Modern Warfare 3 lives up to its hype at all. Its really like playing a game I’ve already played at the core. While there are a few new features, and lots of different maps, its nothing that I haven’t already seen. I feel like I wasted $60 in hopes for something new. I still have yet to put some serious hours in to Modern Warfare 3, so I will more than likely follow up this post.. but here’s to hoping I don’t stay disappointed.

Netbeans 6.9 CPU Usage

I use Netbeans for just about all of my editing on projects anymore.. and the latest version of 6.9 has had a problem I’ve been dying to get fixed for a while. I’m primarly a PHP programmer, so I’m not sure if the bug extends beyond the PHP plugin or not. However, I’ve noticed while having a project open, Netbeans seems to use 100% of one of my CPUs (dual core machine). I’ve been casually searching around for a fix and until tonight I hadn’t found anything. Finally I found this comment on the netbeans blog which provides a flag to use that seems to have fixed it completely!

Hopefully this helps some of you out there from getting totally frustrated with netbeans. For those of you who don’t want to click the link… the fix is to add this flag to your shortcut for netbeans.



Well, I’m finally doing it. I’m rewriting my voodoo code that makes reloadable modules or plugins in PHP. I’ve always toyed with the idea of rewriting my original work for PHP_Modules and making it work with classes; now the time has come. I have started work with my SiTech library to make SiTech_Plugins. It will be the same concept of PHP_Modules, but not only will it work with functions, it will now work with classes. This is something that was never really possible before because when PHP_Modules was written, it was written for PHP 4.

I haven’t gotten very far yet with code, but the theory of it is to create a base class with a __call() method. That’s basically all the base class will consist of. When a plugin is loaded, the class read from the plugin file will be created to extend this base class. From there, all methods found within the class will be stored as lambda functions inside a special class variable. This then makes it easy to reload code, by recreating the lambda function when the code is reloaded. Therefore, the class itself never needs to be redefined, it just needs all the functions reloaded. So, in theory this is entirely possible with PHP 5 and the use of the magic __call() method for classes.

Some of you may wonder why I don’t use runkit from PECL. While it would make things a ton easier, I wanted more of a code solution that might work for everyone without extra requirements. I might look into creating it to work both ways though. I can imagine runkit would be a lot cleaner method of doing such voodoo, but I’m also unsure if runkit will even compile with 5.3.  I’ll have to do some research into that and find out for sure. Of course, there will be more to come as I make progress even if its good or bad progress.

Life & Updates

Well, its been a bit since my last post and I think its time for another update. I’m still looking for a job, haven’t had any luck finding much yet. Might have a part time job lined up until something else works out though, so that’s good :) On the other hand, I’ve had some time to work on So far its been mainly backend work, so there’s not a lot more to show for it, but I’ve taken some time to implement a new password hashing using crypt and blowfish. I’m also trying to work on the password reset form to make it work better. Currently it just resets the password, but I want it to e-mail the user, then the user must click a link before the password is actually reset.

On the other hand, my jogging is going well. I’m not keeping up with it as good as I would like, but I have managed to go as far as 3 miles in one time. I also went this past Sunday and jogged with my friend, we both ran to see how fast we could do a mile and half. I managed to run it in 12 minutes and 51 seconds! I just hope I can keep doing it and keep running further. I would like to participate in a marathon sometime soon as well. I’m also, starting this week, lifting weights with the weight set I just got moved in. I’m hoping between that and running, I can make up for the last few years of my life that I just haven’t tried anything to get into shape. Hopefully I’m making up for lost time at this point :)

Life & Changes

Well… things have been changing in my life lately. I’ve had to move back to my home town and look for a job in the Kansas City area. I’m currently living in a house my parents own until I can get a job and a place of my own. Kelsey had to move back in with her parents for the time being until sometime in late January or early February of next year. Its hard on both of us, but we’ll make it through it. I’m currently looking for employment in the St. Joseph, MO or Kansas City area, so if anyone knows of anything, please feel free to let me know.

On another note, with the lack of work I’ve had lately, its given me time to work on again. I’ve actually been working with the dev site to get things going. I started with a total rewrite because I wanted to take a totally different approach to the back end of the site. I didn’t want to use a framework, but I wanted the same structure. I wound up using my own SiTech library for the back end to make it more MVC like. I think the approach is working wonderfully. I’ve learned new things and made tweaks to SiTech to improve functionality and how it all ties together. If anyone is interested in participating with either SiTech or the development of, please let me know. I could always use some extra help.

A couple of other things I’m trying to do more/better is writing in my blog, and jogging each day. This is the first post after a while, so we’ll see how that part goes, but the jogging is already going great! I started Monday (the 19th) by jogging almost 3/4th of a mile. I can say that Tuesday, my legs were so sore that it killed me! Wednesday I went jogging again, but I’m not really sure how far I made it. Thankfully after that my legs weren’t as sore, but still hurt Thursday. Yesterday (Friday) I went jogging again and actually made it a full mile! Since we ran on a track, I also did a lap of sprint/jog where I sprinted the straight parts, and jogged through the corners. It was really great, and I’m happy to say today my legs don’t hurt at all. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to push it up to where I can go every day instead of every other day.

Well, here’s to hoping things go as planned… I’ll update again later this week.

Linux: Wine and Digsby

So I’ve been waiting for a while for Digsby to finally release their Linux client. I just decided the other day to try and install Digsby through Wine on my Ubuntu install. I wasn’t having much luck with the default Ubuntu version of Wine, which is pretty old to say the least. I did a google search to see if I could find newer .deb files and ran across this which shows how to setup apt to pull from the latest builds on the site.

Now running the updated 1.1.25 version of wine, Digsby installed without a problem. I started it up, logged in and now its running just fine. The only issue I’ve noticed at all with Digsby under Wine is the fact that the text input box in chats seems to wrap text after a few words. Its annoying when writing a long reply to someone, but nothing more than just annoying. It doesn’t cause any problems or crash anything, so its just an annoyance at this point.

Hopefully this helps someone with Digsby under Linux. I love using it as my IM client, but I can’t wait until they get their Linux version going.