Netbeans 6.9 CPU Usage

I use Netbeans for just about all of my editing on projects anymore.. and the latest version of 6.9 has had a problem I’ve been dying to get fixed for a while. I’m primarly a PHP programmer, so I’m not sure if the bug extends beyond the PHP plugin or not. However, I’ve noticed while having a project open, Netbeans seems to use 100% of one of my CPUs (dual core machine). I’ve been casually searching around for a fix and until tonight I hadn’t found anything. Finally I found this comment on the netbeans blog which provides a flag to use that seems to have fixed it completely!

Hopefully this helps some of you out there from getting totally frustrated with netbeans. For those of you who don’t want to click the link… the fix is to add this flag to your shortcut for netbeans.


4 comments on “Netbeans 6.9 CPU Usage

  1. Hi BigE,

    Thanks a lot for your useful tip. I got the same problem.

  2. anonymous on said:

    Thanks, helped me, too. (Only Java projects here)

  3. Hi –

    I’m running net beans on windows. How do I implement the solution on a windows platform?


  4. Just right click on the icon for netbeans then click properties. In the command just add -J-Dnetbeans.indexing.recursiveListeners=false and hit the OK button. That should do it.

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