My Car… poor car

Short post.. but I manage to roll my car Jan 27th of this year. I’m fine, walked away without injury (somehow). I’ve attached some pictures of my car now.. its done for, so I’m out of a car, but I’m just glad things didn’t turn out differently for me.

2 comments on “My Car… poor car

  1. Robert K on said:

    How did you manage to roll your car? Was there ice on the road? Texting? Just curious.

  2. Was on a ramp going from one interstate to another, looking down at traffic I was merging into… when I looked up I was over the line so I corrected but my rear wheel was already too far off into the loose stuff on the side of the road. I lost the tail and spun around, it flipped when I hit a sign on the side of the road with the side of the car.

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